District STAR Events

21-22  1st place Embrie Crawford,Iree Davidson,Samantha Powers-Professional Presentation
21-22: 1st place cora pettes, shiann goldman, daniel gerhard-Re-Purpose and reddesign
20-21: 1st place Andrea tate- repurpose and redesign
20-21: 1st place Ali bukacek- creed speaking and interpertation
19-20: 1st place Hayden Baker and Cooper Haddock-Professional Presentation
19-20: 1st place Andrea Tate-Recycle and Redesign
19-20: 2nd place Rylie Jantzen-Career Investigation
18-19: 2nd place Delaney Shaffer-Job Interview
18-19: 2nd place Carli Wedel-Life Event Planning
18-19: 2nd place Mackenzie Shamburg-Recycle and Redesign
19-20: 1st place Andrea Tate-Re-purpose and Redesign
19-20: 1st place Cooper Haddock and Hayden Baker-Professional Presentation
19-20: 2nd place Rylie Jantzen-Career Investigation